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We offer affordable tows at a flat rate.

Professional Towing
That Saves You Money

Why should you have to decide between saving money versus receiving excellent service? You deserve to have both these days, which is why it is important to know who to call when you need a vehicle towed. Do not settle for companies that cut corners, but rather chose a towing service that cares for your car as much as you do. Towing National City offers highly qualified, quick, affordable service to pick your downhill day back up. We make sure to provide you with the best service possible to reduce stress in these oftentimes inconvenient situations.

Stranded? No Problem

Location is hardly of concern as the tow trucks have no problem reaching you quickly. We always offer immediate 24 hour service, especially for those in emergency situations or who are just in a hurry to get on with their day. Having a vehicle towed has never been so easy, painless, and hassle free. We tow short or long distances; wherever your vehicle needs to go we can take it. Waiting on the side of the highway for hours is a thing of the past when you choose us to help you out.

In The Right Hands

Equipped with years of experience and based on customer values, our towers know exactly what it takes to get the job done right. The tow trucks are kept clean and are always ready for the next job. It does not matter what type of car you need moved, whether a brand new vehicle or one on its last set of tires, even the most used of cars are treated with the utmost care. Your vehicle is sure to arrive to its destination with no added dents or scratches. Car owners can feel safe when letting us take care of their vehicle. Having a fast and dependable tow company you can count on is also important for your safety, as we know the importance of not letting you have to sit broken down on the side of the road by yourself for too long, especially at night.

Get A Pro Tow To The Car Show

We tow everything from wrecked or broken down vehicles to the most pristine cars. Any vehicle that needs to go somewhere, whether a classic muscle car heading to the car show or a Ferrari saving its tires for the races, trust no one else to get your vehicle there on time and in perfect condition. Motorcycle breakdown, no problem we tow those too. Vehicles of all shapes and sizes are our specialty.

How Much Does
All This Cost?

We pride ourselves on providing affordable, honest, and trustworthy service to all of our customers. Our flat rate towing fee is agreed upon when you call, and does not rise no matter the unforeseen circumstances. Prices do not change and there are no surprises when working with us. Fairness to our customers is of primary concern, we make sure you are not taken advantage of and get the most for your money.

Full 24 Hour

Our number is the only one you need as towing service National City is open 24 hours a day. You will never have to worry about who can come and help you when your car breaks down. If you breakdown on the side of the road at night, it is important to have a fast, dependable, and trustworthy tow company on speed dial. No matter the situation or vehicle that needs transportation; we will be there for you.